Superior Bet

The SuperiorBet Brand depicts a brand that is Superior in every way. We are committed to providing Punters and Agents with a rewarding and exciting sports-betting experience; one that easily betters that which is obtainable in the sports bet industry in Lagos state. The ease of winnings pay out and multiple betting options we provide, clearly defines our Slogan, “Winning just got easier”.

SuperiorBet Game Options:

Live Games

Live Games

Here we have games that are running LIVE such as Football, Tennis, Basket Ball etc
Virtual Games

Virtual Games

Here we have games that run continually eg. Grey Hound (Dog) Races, Horse Races, etc
On each of the games, stakers have options and they can choose from multiple bet options made available, depending on the game. Popular among such bet options are; Home Win (1), Draw (x), away win (2) etc. Other bet options include; Home Win/Draw (1x), Handicap 1 For further information on the Bet-options, Bet codes and what they signify, please make reference to our sports book on . Odds differ per bet-option, multiple bets could also be placed in a variety of ways to offer Stakers more betting-flexibility and value for their money.

Superior Games Unique selling points

Online gaming
Available retail network
Multi-Level game play
Push button and touch screen terminal
Ease of operation & playing
6. Competitive innovative payout, on-line payment.